About Us

For you. For us. For everyone.

BitAdvocates was founded for you! Our superb software solutions are designed to meet your needs. Our innovative products provide value-add to your business.

BitAdvocates was also founded for us! We love the challenge to compete and proof that our ideas prevail on the market.

BitAdvocates was founded for everyone! Join us as a developer, as a customer or as an investor.

BitAdvo... What?

We're disruptive thinkers, cloud natives, coders, nerds... So how to sum all that up? BitAdvocates! We worship the bit - the nucleus of all digital life. The foundation for all future business.

Our Manifesto

It is all about people. No matter where they work, no matter which nationality they are, no matter what their main discipline is: People enjoy the freedom to pursue their own ideas. BitAdvocates enables this freedom.

We build on these Principles

We put the customer at the center of our actions. We take user privacy and security seriously and comply with European standards. We believe in the benefits of open-source.



Christoph Peters

Founder & CEO

Fascinated by complex systems, tricky challenges, and innovation Christoph’s passion is to achieve results in high-performance teams. Over a decade in various leadership positions in the automotive industry has given him an in-depth knowledge of how to scale from MVP to large-scale services.


Michael Kolb

Founder & CTO

Michael wrote his first line of code at a time where internet connections were depending on squeaking boxes, providing a bandwidth that was just about enough to load a website within three minutes. Throughout the last 15 years he was designing cloud and IoT systems for several major vendors in the industrial sector.


Just get in touch with us. We are always interested in new perspectives.