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What does reposcore do?

Reposcore is an online service that continuously checks the maturity of GitHub repositories. The assessment is summarized in a master score called reposcore that allows you to benchmark different repositories and choose the right ones for your needs.

Why should you use reposcore?

(1) Protect your project: Using components without checking their quality can lead to severe risks. Make sure the component you are going to use meets your quality policy.

(2) Time is money: Checking dozens of indicators manually before using a repository, takes ages and can be quite cumbersome. We help you to check all relevant ones within seconds.

(3) Holistic analysis: Looking at technical indicators (e.g. code coverage) is not sufficient. We include non-technical indicators in our score to provide a holistic rating.

(4) Badges: Show others how awesome your repository is. Add a badge showing your reposcore directly in your readme.

(5) Scientific algorithms: We use scientifically proven algorithms to make sure the score we calculate for your repository is sustainable and accurate.

(6) Trends: Analyze trends of each score to take a glimpse into the future. Is quality getting better or worse?

May I check out reposcore for free?

Yes. Please visit Reposcore for a free trial.

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February 22, 2022
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